Performance «HOME»

Performance «Home» is propaganda of peace, love and good.

Our puppets are universal: marionettes, tantamaresques, flatbed and upper-cane puppets, masks…therefore we speak any language in any genre about any subject…without words. Nevertheless everybody can understand us like music, dancing or pantomime.

The ideas of «Home» are international. Viewers of any color, nationality and religion laugh and cry equally in the hall understanding the language of the performance as well as images of Chaplin…

Performance «Home» is a bright show in form and deep in meeting. It is a sunny performance including 15 stories in the wonderful music cut lasting 70 minutes without an interval.

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Performance for children «TRAMPS OF THE NORTH»

It is a marvelous story about puppy and little bear who have become orphans as the fate decreed. Being bound with onе rope they get to the big forest where a good spirit of forest, animals and birds Isku-Vapu protects them and where different risks and amazing adventures are in store for them.

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Performance «PEPPY»

Спектакль находится в работе.

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